My Philosophy

I believe that we as human beings are all seeking the same things, that is, to find happiness and inner peace. When we are presented with life's challenges, we need to realize that these challenges are temporary hurdles that can eventually be overcome.


I strive to help my clients get unstuck and lift themselves out of states of anxiety and depression by, most importantly, building a strong therapeutic relationship, one of great trust. Through this relationship I want the client to feel genuine empathy, respect and a sense of being heard as they tell their story. On this foundation of trust, I incorporate reflective listening that leads to self-awareness and problem-solving.


When appropriate I use mindfulness-based relaxation techniques and RRT Hypnotherapy (Rapid Resolution Therapy), a form of clinical hypnosis. In my client based therapy, the client and I become a team. By joining forces with me the client becomes empowered to become self-aware. This self-awareness motivates the client to make positive changes for personal growth and healing.